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Berlin is
  ... unique in the world due to the legacy of its troubled history.
... full of historical sites taking you on a trip though the ages.
 ... a town of many different quarters with a distinct character and life of their own.
... a city with monuments of all orders: Prussian, Imperial, Third Reich, Socialist…
 ... a modern metropolis, marked by contemporary architecture and a flourishing cultural scene

 On our „Sights" page, we present 21 aspects of Berlin history.         
 The guided walking tour
 „Faces of a metropolis“ or a bus tour will give you an idea of the city's complexity and diversity, even if you are in Berlin only for a short stay.

Useful information - Fact and figures

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Did you know that?
  The Berlin area covers 892 km², which is 8 times bigger than Paris and about the same size as New York. .
  Around 1921 Berlin was the biggest city in the world!
The centre of Berlin lies at an altitude of 32 metres and the groundwater bearing stratum only 2 metres below the ground.
The Polish border is only 70 km away from Berlin..
The quarter of Prenzlauer Berg has the highest birth rate in Europe.
With its 416,000 trees Berlin is the greenest of Europe’s big cities.
You will find 128 museums and many more exhibition spaces in Berlin.
Berlin has 53 theatres, 3 operas and two of the most important zoos in Europe.
Berlin enjoys a growing reputation in the sector of the media
(Sony – MTV – Universal – Bertelsmann/Oxford House)
The total length of the Berlin public transport net is 1,924.5 km.
                  Find out more about the new German capital on the page „Berlin by numbers“

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    Under the section "Historical overview" you will find interesting facts from 770 years of history.
800 years of Berlin history

First written mention of Berlin

Thirty Years War
Pillaging - siege - pest

Edict of Potsdam, immigration
of refugees (Huguenots)

Elector Frederick III, since 1701 King Frederick I in Prussia

Frederick II "the Great"

27. Oktober 1806
Napoleon enters Berlin through
the Brandenburger Gate

Berlin becomes capital city
of the German Empire

The Kaiser (emperor) abdicates
(William II dies in exile in 1941)

January 30, 1933
Adolf Hitler ceases power

The XI. Olympic Summer Games take place iin Berlin.

July 17 until August 2, 1945
Potsdam Conference of
the Allied Powers

Blockade of Berlin by Soviel troups

October 1949
Foundation of two German states

August 13, 1961
The Berlin Wall is built.

9 November 1989
The Wall comes down.

Oktober3, 1990
Germany is reunited