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!!! We are happy to announce that we will welcome you on the new version of our website dedicated to Berlin from February 15, 2009:
Moreover, in 2009, LatLon-Europe will become a European tourist information site, each month featuring new destinations such as Potsdam, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich !!!

Berlin with its 892 km² goes beyond the scope of what  you can discover on a guided walking tour.
 The perfect solution is a sightseeing bus tour with  LatLon which will give the opportunity to appreciate  the city’s most interesting monuments in two hours
 or more.

Our bus tours are organised in collaboration with the company Schwarz&Schmiedel who owns a fleet of 34 cars, ranging from a 6-seater-limousine to a coach for 70 passengers. Since 1974, the company has been known for the quality of its vehicles easily recognisable by the “VIP Bus Service”-logo.

 Our programme of tours by bus/limousine is a great  occasion for every travel group.  
 Of course, our services are also available for transfers  or guided tours of one or several days.

The coaches of Schwarz & Schmiedel
    Your advantages

              Greater freedom of movement
              A more complete vision of the city
              Interesting prices for groups
              Experienced drivers and guides

An example of our price calculation for a guided bus tour of 2 hours, all inclusive:

for 6 guests – from € 40 per person                for 20 guests - € 14 pp
for 30 guests - from € 10 pp                              for 40 guests - from € 8 pp
for 49 guests - from € 7 pp                               for 70 guests - from € 6 pp

Prices vary according to the number of guests and the duration of the tour/s.
On demand, we will send you a tailor-made offer.

   Our tour programme
  N°1 - The Berlin wall and the remains
           of socialist Germany
  Today, only a few fragments of the Wall are left, in different places of city not really near to each other.

The tour starts at Potsdamer Platz and we pass the –formerly Eastern– Government district where once the secret decision to build a wall dividing the Soviet sector of Berlin from the sectors of the Western Allies (U.S., British and French) was taken. Around the corner, in Niederkirchnerstraße, there is the longest remaining inner-city section of the Wall. Watchtowers and other elements record the past of the zone along the Eastern side of the Wall formerly known as “death strip”.

We stop at the Wall Documentation Centre and climb a platform to observe the former border zone with an authentic part of the Wall and the monument erected to remember the over 1000 victims. But you will hear gripping stories about how people tried and managed to escape from the GDR.

On Karl-Marx-Allee, the pompous alley where propagandistic parades took place, you will get an impression of Socialist Germany and its distinct architectural style. Afterwards, we will drive along the longest remaining section of the Wall that was turned into an open-air gallery in the nineties.

After this tour, the history of the Berlin Wall will no longer hold any secrets for you.
Duration: 2 hours or more (on demand)
  N°2 - The complete Berlin city tour

In such a big city sometimes it is a long way from one interesting monument to the next. That is why we offer bus tours with personal guides adapting to your wishes regarding the duration and special focus of the tour.

Unter den Linden avenue – the City West – Charlottenburg castle – the Olympic Stadium – Karl-Marx alley – Spandauer Vorstadt/Barn quarter – East Side Gallery – the Berlin Wall – Checkpoint Charlie – and many more sights are included in the tour.

We will stop at different places, breaks for a coffee/snack are possible.

Just t ell us how long you would like your tour to be and whether you have any special interests to consider. We will send you our offer for a standard programme or a tailor-made tour of Berlin. We will contact you by phone to discuss further details.

Duration: From 2 hours up to one day

  N°3 - Potsdam, the Prussian Versailles

Since the end of the 17th century, Potsdam was the second seat of the House of Hohenzollern, the dynasty of Prussian electors and kings.

Quite a few of them actually preferred Potsdam’s idyllic charm to the Berlin residence.

Frederick the Great was the first to leave his imprint on the town that lies in a distance of only 25 km from Berlin. The royal palace of Sanssouci, his summer residence, was the first building in the huge park grounds. There, the famous soirées took place at which the king played flute and Voltaire was a regular guest during 3 years. The enlightened king’s successors followed his example and went on building in Potsdam and its lovely surroundings. Today the city, which is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1990, boasts with a beautifully preserved city centre and numerous parks and palaces in different styles.

Apart from Sanssouci park, we will visit the New Garden including Cecilienhof mansion where the Potsdam conference took place in 1945 and enjoy the marvellous look from the Belvedere.

You should calculate at least 4 hours for a visit to Potsdam, but we recommend to spend a whole day to appreciate the fairytale landscape and charming monuments of the city.

Duration: Up from 4 hours to one day