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!!! We are happy to announce that we will welcome you on the new version of our website dedicated to Berlin from February 15, 2009:
Moreover, in 2009, LatLon-Europe will become a European tourist information site, each month featuring new destinations such as Potsdam, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich !!!

Colourful, creative and alive - that's Berlin.

A city of extremes where art, culture and politics meet.  We guide you through its troubled and eventful history, we show you the important monuments and exciting places, we recommend hotels and  restaurants and tell you what's on and where to find the city's famous  nightlife.


 Guided tour: The many faces of Berlin ( 3 hours 30)


 When you come to Berlin for the first time you already notice: this city has  innumerable different faces and facets. The quarters of the former Eastern  and Western part preserve their distinct character and atmosphere.

 On this tour we will focus on three areas of the Berlin map that represent entirely  different facets: Potsdamer Platz with its impressive post-modern arquitecture,  Gendarmenmarkt reminiscent of old Prussia, then known as one of the most  beautiful squares in Europe, and Prenzlauer Berg, a quarter where once the  workers miserablly lived in huge tenement blocks and now flourishes a diverse  cultural life. During the tour we use public transport.

 Your advantages:
              A guide for you only
              We adapt to your wishes and specific interests
              Free choice of date and time
              Information and advice - relevant and up-to-date

              Interesting prices for small groups

 Ideal for couples and families who are on a short-term vacation and don't have  time to do several tours. Tell us what you are most interested in and we
will  include the sights in the route.

 Send us a request by e-mail or via our online form